Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Modernized Havamal - Verse 83

I've been staying off the computer much of the summer, so I haven't posted The Modernized Havamal Verses the last couple of months. Been connecting with nature and all that good stuff :)

But, I'm back at it and Verse 83 is the next one...enjoy!


Drink ale by the fire, and skate on the ice,
buy a rusty car, and a skinny dog.
Fix the car yourself, and fatten up the dog.

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Explore the Havamal - "Tao" of the Vikings

The Orient has long shared its ancient wisdom, and so now do the Northmen.

Northern Wisdom presents ancient Viking parables and knowledge in a delightfully accessible modern format.

Combining Teachings on par with Buddha, Sun-Tzu, Myamoto Musashi, Nicollo Machiavelli & Lao Tzu, The Havamal sheds light on forgotten lore of the dark ages.

In the days of the shield-wall, there yet lived poets, scribes and philosophers.

In Northern Wisdom you will:
  • Journey through the Mundane and the Mystical passages of the Havamal
  • Discover the famed Hospitality of the Northmen
  • Learn Maxims for respectable conduct
  • Develop the Leadership traits of Heroes
  • Explore tips for safe travel in Dark Ages Europe
  • Uncover lessons for the bravest Warriors
  • Share in the secrets of Odin's Love Quests
  • Tap into the power of Viking Magic

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Use Code: DLMW384R

Use Code: DLMW384R

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Enjoyed my short story "The Yggdrasil Codex"? Then read the first 2 chapters of the novel that picks up the story 115 years later.

For those who read my short story the Yggdrasil Codex and wanted more, your wish has been granted. I'm 1/2 way through writing the first draft of a novel based 115 years after the events described in The Yggdrasil Codex.

Under my pen name, Eoghan Odinsson,  I take great pride in using the rich and epic mythology of our Northern ancestors, and I write books designed to highlight interesting aspects of that mythology, spirituality and culture.

As Hugh B. Long (the legal me), I'm continuing to build on that passion, but with fiction. I intend to write in many genres: Fantasy, Historical Fiction, and Science Fiction. But for my first full length novel I'm writing a tale that blends the best of Norse Mythology with Classic Space Opera. It will be dramatic and wide sweeping (spanning the 100,000 light years of the Milky Way!) My plan is to write a series if it's well received. (Fingers crossed!). The fans of my work as Eoghan Odinsson have been amazing! I hope to provide the same sense of wonder and excitement with my new work.

I expect the book to be on the shelves later this winter, but for now, let me whet your appetite!
Below are the First Drafts of Chapter 1 & 2 (there may be typos - this is really early stuff!)

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Hope you enjoyed it!

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