Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Door in the Woods

Recently someone on Facebook posted a really intriguing picture of this door in the woods. Of course I reposted, as it was on of those photos that really fires up the imagination. 

Why would there be a door in the woods? Where would it go?

In response to these questions, I was inspired to write the beginnings of a short story. Enjoy!

If you enjoy it, post comments and suggest what might happen next! Ken Lovering suggested the door may lead to the 9 worlds....very interesting! What do you think?

A Door in the Woods

By: Eoghan Odinsson

You don't normally expect to find a door in the woods, but there it stood. A set of three wide stone steps lead up to the door, which itself was a fairly ordinary door. It was painted red, and was about three feet wide, six feet tall, and had a conical top instead of a straight one. On the right side of the door there was a large round brass doorknob; a fuzzy blue glow around the edges of the door was an eerie contrast to the dim lighting under the densely packed trees.

The most remarkable thing was that the door was standing tall in the middle of the woods with no house or building attached.

Connor Jones was not supposed to be out in the woods this late in the evening, as the sun was getting ready to set and the light failing. He was twelve, and twelve year old boys are rarely worried about such things. All he could do was stand and stare at the door.

A piercing noise shattered the silence!


Connor's heart leapt up in his throat and nearly choked him, he stumbled backwards and tripped over some branches and landed on his behind in the dense woodland undergrowth.

He tried to gather his wits and determine the source of the cacophony, and sheepishly realized it was just his digital watch. He had set the alarm earlier in the day so he would remember to get home in time for dinner.

His heart started to slow down and he caught his breath. He looked at his watch, and pressed a button on the side of the to shut off the alarm.

Connor propped himself back up, and took another look at the door. What was the door doing there? How on earth did it get here? Who would have put it there? Has there been a house here? Questions bubbled up in his mind like shampoo on his dog. Carefully he made his way around to the back of the door and inspected it as well. It was exactly the same as the front, which was odd, because often look different on each side - but not this door. His heart started to speed up again as he considered opening the door. He felt foolish. Why should he be nervous of opening a door that went nowhere? But he felt it just the same. His mind finally forced his hand to reach for the doorknob, ever so slowly. His hand rested on the doorknob which was cool to the touch. Carefully he started to turn the doorknob clockwise, he heard a little 'click', then...

"Connor!", a voice shouted. "Connor!" It was his mother calling him.

He jumped off the stone steps and ran towards his mothers voice, dodging saplings and stumps on his way back to his house. As he was within a few hundred feet of his house he saw his mother with a grim look on her face. The kind of look she reserved for him when there were extra chores involved - not good.

"Connor, didn't you hear me calling?"

"Yes mum, sorry," replied Connor, "I set the alarm on my watch, it just went off."

"Ok, well I don't like you being in the woods after dark. You might trip and break a leg and be stuck out there all night. Go sit down at the table, we're about to eat." All Connor could think about was the door.

Thankfully it was summer break and he should be able to go and see it again in the morning.

<<<<<<<<<      >>>>>>>>

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  1. I love this!!!!! Reminds me of days on the coast!!! I will check everyday for more!!!!!!!

  2. What about this -
    Over dinner, Connor's mother drops a bombshell. His granny is coming first thing in the morning to take him to the seaside for a month. Connor is now faced with two possibilities. He will have to check that door on this very night, in the dark, or perhaps miss his chance. But....what if when he gets to granny's beach house, he encounters the door again????