Thursday, May 3, 2012

Heathen / Pagan Fiction? Eoghan Odinsson's Exciting New Projects!

Most of you know me for my non-fiction books related to our Northern heritage, such as Northern Lore, Northern Wisdom, The Runes in 9 Minutes, etc.

I wanted to share some exciting new territory I'm exploring - Fiction connected to our Northern Heritage! Ok, you're thinking, "Hey that's nothing new! Poul Anderson wrote some books like that." True, he did incorporate some of our myths in fiction, as did a few others.

I plan to do it a bit differently. I'm exploring a few different genres of fiction and audiences.

  • Children's Fiction (ages 9-12) - will focus on Adventure and Fantasy that tie in to the nine noble virtues and other wholesome Pagan / Heathen values. Teaching through stories. I'll also try to teach them about the Norse Myths and Sagas by using elements in the fiction. "A Door in the Woods" is my first book, which will be out around the end of the Summer.

  • Historical Fiction - I'm exploring adventure and tales set in the "Viking Age" properly know as the Early Middle Ages (circa 800-1100). Of course the stories will have gods and goddesses, etc.

  • Science Fiction & Fantasy - How would a Science fiction story look with a strong Heathen / Pagan lead character? I think that's an exciting possibility! "Asatru 2300!" just kidding, I don't have specific plans LOL.

  • Short Stories - I'll also be publishing some short stories in these genres.

Anyway, I just wanted to keep you in the loop. If you start seeing science fiction articles, or children's fiction related stuff in my BLOG, be comforted that it all ties back to our roots, and that I haven't abandoned my roots and the topics that made you a fan of my work in the first place :)

My work week is now 90% dedicated to writing, and my focus is on books that my Heathen & Pagan brothers and sisters will want to read, or read to their children...that is my life's purpose now.

So what can you do to help make sure our folk get these kind of books? Well, keep telling friends about my books and website, encourage people to buy these books!

It's only because you folks have shown such amazing support for my work, that I'm now transitioning to writing full time. Thank you!

And don't be shy telling me the kinds of stories or settings you want to read!



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