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Eoghan Odinsson's New Book - Northern Plant Lore FREE for Kindle July 3'rd & 4'th

To promote my latest book "Northern Plant Lore: A Field Guide to the Ancestral Use of Plants in Northern Europe" I'm giving the Kindle version away for FREE for two days.

July 3'rd to July 4'th (assuming no Amazon hiccups!)

Remember, you can read a kindle book on many devices, like your phone, your pc, iPad etc.

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I'm hoping that in exchange for a free copy, you'll consider writing a short review. Amazon only requires 20 words, and reviews are critical in helping authors sell books. I'm an independent author with no big publisher behind me, we're just a small family team that tries to put together books our community want, and hopefully enjoy! Your help and support is greatly appreciated.

The production of this book was a real family affair; I was the primary editor, my wife was the secondary editor and proof reader, and my son was a paid research assistant on his last summer break. It was a wonderful experience pulling this incredible book together, and we sincerely hope you'll enjoy using it.

Northern Plant Lore
A Field Guide to the Ancestral Use of Plants in Northern Europe

Authored by Eoghan Odinsson,  Foreword by Stephen Pollington,  Edited by Melinda E. Long Assisted by Shea C. Long

Over a thousand years ago the Anglo-Saxons used willow bark to treat headaches; modern pharmaceutical companies use the same basic ingredient - salicin. They boiled the bark in holy water and added a few other unnecessary ingredients, but they had a basic treatment that worked a millennia ago! And they called this the Dark Ages?

Northern Plant Lore explores the plants and herbs used by the Anglo Saxons for medicinal purposes, and compares them to the list of plant and herbs proven effective by modern medical science. Not every plant they used worked, but Northern Plant Lore will show you which ones did, and how you can use them today.

In Northern Plant Lore you will:
  • Take control of your families Health and well being
  • Discover Ancient Viking & Anglo-Saxon Remedies Supported by Modern Science
  • Unlock The Wisdom of our ancestors expressed in cures still used today
  • Grow your own medicinal herbs and plants
  • Create remedies at home with the same basis as modern pharmaceuticals
  • Know exactly what's going into your body when you take an herbal remedy
  • Cross reference ancient cures to modern science
  • Browse ailments cross referenced to plants and treatments
  • Re-connect with the earth, start living more holistically, and take control of your families health.
Northern Plant Lore gives you the tools to do just that! Take control of your families health today!

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Use Code: DLMW384R

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  1. Northen Lore is not free on Amazon uk @ 07.30 3rd July. Amazon error I guess.