Wednesday, October 31, 2012

FREE Samhain / Halloween Story with Zombie Vikings!

Free story for the big folk this Halloween!  Use Coupon: XF48P

Pop culture has a fascination with Zombies. This phenomenon has spawned dozens of great movies, an Award Winning TV Show (The Walking Dead), and more books than you could read in a lifetime.

I admit it, I'm a Zombiephile! Have been since I was a kid. I had a flash of inspiration the other night…as most of you know, I make my living writing books about Northern European culture, especially in the times of the Vikings. So I was thinking, what about Zombie Vikings?

Now before you go nuts, saying this guy is ruining our heritage,blah, blah blah…WAIT. There actually were historical Viking Zombies! The Draugr. I know some of you more studious types will know this already.

The Draugr are infinitely more interesting than your run of the mill 21'st century Zombies! Draugr could increase their size and weight, and were no brainless dolts - they thrived on making the people miserable. These were damned dangerous fiends! Something truly terrifying! They were also reported to be able to go through walls as mist…sound familiar? (modern vampires). It's amazing at all the cool stuff pop culture owes to our old myths.

Like sagas? Well there are a number of sagas featuring Zombies! I kid you not…. Check out Njál's Saga, Eyrbyggja Saga, or Grettis Saga. Read up on the basics at

So, in the spirit of giving the big kids a treat today (out little ones will get lots of candy - what do we get?) I've written this short story called: Let Sleeping Draug's Lie: Draugr's Saga Part 1.

Yes, you guessed it, if people like it, I've written such that I can keep on trucking with our hero in new adventures.

The story is NOT suitable for young children - it has lots of gory violence, and some strong language.

Anyway, the story is FREE today for all you great folks - head over to Smashwords and use the coupon. You'll also be able to buy it on for $0.99 anytime. But today it is 100% free!

Happy Halloween, Samhain etc.!

Eoghan Odinsson (a.k.a. Hugh B. Long)  Use Coupon: XF48P

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