Thursday, August 18, 2011

Northern Lore declared a Finalist in the Global E-Book Awards.

Well I got some pretty exciting news last night, Northern Lore has been declared a Finalist in the Global E-Book Awards.

I have some incredible competition, so I'm not too worried about winning or losing, just having my book up there and declared a finalist is more than I hope for.

Northern Lore is Primarily a print book, in the traditional style, but given my long career in technology I decided to simultaneously publish eBook versions for Kindle and PDF readers. I'm sure glad I did, not only because it allowed me to get exposure through this competition, but fully 50% of my sales are the eBook versions! I expected maybe 10%, but not 50%.

So all you authors out there who are humming and hawing about whether to invest the effort to re-design the layout for Kindle, it may have some surprising results!

If you happen to be in Santa Barbara California this Saturday August 20'th, you'll be able to see a gigantic version of my book cover projected during the awards ceremony!

Thanks to all of you who have been gracious enough to buy my book, and a deeper thanks to those who took time to write a review.  I wrote this book for us and our children, to give them a little taste of the past,  to remind us where we came from, and also to bring attention to those areas where the old and new are intersecting, and creating a beautiful future.


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