Friday, August 26, 2011

Northern Lore wins Global eBook Awards

Northern Lore wins in the New Age / Non-Fiction category in the Global eBook Awards.

I was shocked and delighted to find out that Northern Lore had won in the Global eBook Awards, and I was very pleased with the comments left by one of the judges, herself an award winning novelist:

This was an excellent eBook. Thoroughly researched, well-presented, exceptionally well-illustrated. A very good example of how eBooks can readily compete with traditionally published books. I learned a lot of very interesting things from this book and, particularly for “New Age” thinkers and enthusiasts, I highly recommend it.”
Marilyn Jaye Lewis is an award winning author and editor of several books.

I was very encouraged by Marilyn's feedback, and it re-affirmed what I always knew -  that I could produce a book as good as anything published by the big houses, doing everything myself, and enabling me to keep more of the money from the book; higher royalties allow me to continue writing professionally. Currently I split my time evenly between my writing  and web design with my company Asgard Studios, but in the years to come I hope to devote most of my time to writing. I am still very passionate about web design, especially the visual design aspects, and I'm very encouraged that my son has shown an interest in working in the field - hopefully I can pass the torch to him (or at least help him carry it).

In celebration of the win, I am re-issuing the cover of Northern Lore with the Winners badge on the cover, as well as a revised back cover with reviews from fellow authors.

Okay, well I suppose I better get back to work on Northern Plant Lore!

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