Thursday, September 1, 2011

Video Trailer for Northern Lore to Feature Music from the Symphony "Eddan - The Invincible Sword of the Elf Smith" from Composer Mats Wendt.

Northern Lore recently won in the Global eBook Awards, and to build on that momentum, I'm having a video trailer for my book produced.

Mats Wendt, the composer of the symphony "Eddan - The Invincible Sword of the Elf Smith", has given me permission to use his music in my trailer. It's all based on the Norse Eddas, and is absolutely brilliant.


  • A symphonic suite in 158 parts spanning the complete pre-christian scandinavian mythology.
  • Based upon an academic recreation of the old world myth.
  • Play time: 16 hours and 37 sec.

Check out a link to his music at my website:

...and stay tuned for the video trailer!

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