Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I pay for magazines stuffed full of ads? Anyone see a problem with that?
I got a magazine in the mail yesterday, and for the first time, there were no advertisements. Just articles. How bloody refreshing!

Now, I can see that it would make sense to have advertisements for magazines I'm NOT paying a subscription fee for...kind of like radio - they're subsidized by advertising, but I get to listen for free, so that's cool. But when I pay for a magazine to read it's content, I don't want all that other garbage in there.

I previously subscribed to a dozen or more magazines - hey, I like to read! I've cancelled them all, except one. I call on you magazine publishers out there to ditch all that advertising noise if you want my paid business back. If you have a magazine with good content, I will pay to read it. But I refuse to pay to read magazines who's publishers are clearly more motivated by advertising dollars, than by serving my reading interests.

I wonder what my readers would think if I started stuffing my books full of ads? Don't worry....they would be 'targeted'. We all need sexual performance enhancers right? When my son was about 8, he came to me after watching television on a Saturday morning and said

"Daddy, I think I have erectile disfunction."

No more advertisements in magazines I pay for!

Thank you adbusters for giving me what I PAID for!

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