Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Northern Plant Lore" Publication Date pushed to Spring 2012

Folks, I'm going to push out the release date for "Northern Plant Lore" to the Spring of 2012.

Coming Spring 2012
I've had other commitments and issues crop up over the summer which have slowed me down, and I don't want to rush to get it out. I love writing and the process of creation, and to rush it ruins the pleasure for me; I also want to make sure you get the best quality book I can write.

So I am going to continue on at a more leisurely pace, and write the best book on 'Northern Plant Lore' you'll have ever seen!

Could there be a silver lining to this? Why yes there is! With more time before the release, I will start sharing chapters of the book with you early on for feedback and comment.

Some folks had requested growing information on the plants so they could cultivate their own, which is now in the book. What about other ideas? The next few months will be your opportunity to help collaborate with me and shape the book together. I think that's a pretty exciting prospect!

I'll implement some tools such as polls, on my website and perhaps a discussion forum to help facilitate this.

Thanks for your patience and I appreciate your patronage!

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