Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ever wanted to write a book? Asgard Studios can help make that happen!

Ever wanted to try your hand at writing a book?

Do you feel you're an expert on a particular topic and people can learn from you?

Have a best selling novel inside but don't know where to start?

My publisher Asgard Studios is looking for new proposals. Asgard Studios can help you make your dream a reality, starting with refining your ideas, writing tips, editing, artwork, navigating the complexities of they listing industry, and marketing you're book.

Asgard-Studios is a new breed of publisher. We don't pay you, nor do you pay us. We share in the profits of the book. Period. If the book sells, we make money, if it doesn't, we get nothing. We have a vested interest in ensuring your book is commercially successful.

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