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Research on Druidry - Week 3, Seeking the Awen

Week 3 - Moon Path Reflection: Seeking Awen

From the Week 3 Course Notes

"In the Moon Path, we seek the inspiration of the Awen by striking a balance between opposing forces in our lives. Earlier we talked about the Rational Mind and the Emotional Mind. Finding the balance between these two forces would be the way to achieve Wise Mind.

Think about any opposing forces you find struggling within you. These should be forces within yourself, not within others. For example, you may have a problem with a friend or family member. You cannot control the behaviors of others; you can only choose to react or to respond to what others say and do to you. When you find yourself conflicted on which path to take in such a situation, it is time to seek the balance of the Awen."

Think about two of your inner forces, or energies, that need balance and reconciliation. Describe these energies to yourself, using as much detail as possible. If it helps, make notes.

"2 energies I struggle with constantly, are the opposing forces of positive praise and negative criticism. As an author, I try to connect with people so I can educate them about my passions and research, and at the same time learn from them and grow. This brings great rewards, but I also get a share of negativity from folks who have very different opinions than mine - given that I write about culture & spirituality, people can be quite passionate in their positions, and in many cases probably don't realize how mean and angry they are coming off. Or is it just my perception?"

Intellectually, I try to understand where they are coming from so I can gain understanding, but emotionally, I feel as though these are personal attacks, and I can get quite anxious and angry, and then want to lash out in self-defense. I suppose these boil down to self-confidence.

Once you feel that you are clear on the nature of these two opposing energies, do the meditation below.

Basic Mindfulness Video

Now that you have completed the meditation, think about your opposing energies again. Do you feel more able to find balance after meditating?

I was a bit revved up prior to the meditation after some negative interaction with a person I know, but almost immediately during the meditation I was able to slow right down and "take myself out of the river and sit on the bank". It was very liberating.

What does the Awen mean to you?

From what I've read so far, the Awen is that awe you can feel in many different ways, I've felt it stroking my warm dog on my lap, I've felt the awen sitting under the trees on a warm summer day, and then hearing a breeze rustle through the leaves while a cool wind followed to refresh me. I've felt the awen when I saw my son smile, heard my wife laugh, or read something inspiring. To me the awen is profound, but simple, rare, yet commonplace. It's appreciating the divinity in life's little moments as well as the grand ones.

What are the forces in your life that are seeking balance?

My struggle is one of perception and assumption. I need to learn to balance my perception of events, and not make assumptions; I suppose it's also a balance of emotion versus intelect.

How have you/can you seek the Awen and attain balance?

I'm hoping that by seeking the awen more deliberately, I'll be in a more relaxed and balanced frame of mind, more able to make the correct emotional versus intelectual assessment of the situation at hand.

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