Monday, February 20, 2012

Research on Druidry Week 4, Reflections of Awen

According to the Black Mountain Druid Order (BMDO), "The Awen is the divine inspiration that brings balance."

Last week I reflected on my research into Awen over the course of the first 4 weeks of the BMDO course in Druidry.

What I learned was a new vocabulary, new ways to express feelings I already had. I've started to learn, quite late in my life, that to be truly happy, I must enjoy the little things; I cherish my first cup of coffee in the morning, the warmth of my dog laying quietly on my lap, the gentle embrace of Sunna (the Sun) in the morning. Life is a string of little events, and if you can find happiness in them as well as the larger events, I think that's the simplest strategy to a happy life. For me the little things are Awen.

In the context of Druidry, the natural world is a big source of Awen , and underlies all the little things that I embrace every day. The wind in the trees, the green of a leaf, the scent of the earth, or the light dancing on the ice, these are Awen. 

I feel that if we are seeking the divine, then we can't confine that search to our handful of deities (or whatever you believe), divinity surrounds us, permeates us. Some posit that the goal of their faith is to seek to emulate the divine, and to perhaps one day reach that level of awareness or state of being. Others feel that we can only experience the divine, and will never attain it. Many would say that we are in fact divine ourselves and only need recognize that fact. Perhaps.

Whatever the case is, I believe that divinity surrounds us, and that in addition to our gods and goddesses, we have the natural world, and everyday events that make up the fabric of our lives. 

In all of these, we can seek the divine, if we care to look.

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